Young Adults Ministry

Come and meet young adults from across the Open Doors Churches as we share experiences outside a church setting and discuss questions of faith. Pastor Alyssa Baker leads this group.

Wednesday Gatherings
You can find this gathering of young adults every Wednesday night from 7:00-8:30 p.m.  Whether you are in college, unemployed, or years into your career – single, dating, or married – all young adults are welcome to join in the fun!

Every week, we talk about the social justice issues near and dear to our hearts such as immigration and different sexualities. Sharing from our hearts, discussing the facts, and brainstorming ideas on what we can do and how we can become more involved in the issues has made us into a community of people who care about and support each other.

Faith Friends
Wanting to connect more with the larger congregations in which we worship, each young adult has paired up with an older member of our communities for fellowship and fun. Each relationship has taken on a life of its own and we are looking forward to sharing an evening all together in June. These relationships have been a gift to everyone involved.

Support the Young Adult Group
Every adult past young adulthood remembers what it’s like to be in the first part of our careers or going to college and how difficult it can be to pay for even the smallest things. The young adults have many ideas of activities they would like to do together but don’t have the funds to make them happen. Even buying tea or coffee at the Ike Box, an important aspect of being out in the community, can be difficult. It would be greatly appreciated by them if you would like to give an Ike Box gift card for them to use when they meet or money to fund a fun community building activity.

The group is also always interested in having someone else from the community join them for a night to join in the discussion and share their thoughts on an issue or to learn more about the United Methodist perspective on the topics they’re grappling with.

Coming Together as a Community
This group of the young adults has truly taken on a life of its own. With the space to talk and explore, friendships are being made, God and social justice are being experienced in new ways, and strong foundations are being formed.

If you want to connect or talk with this group or have a donation you would like to make, call Pastor Alyssa at Keizer Clear Lake United Methodist Church – 503-393-2402 and she will be happy to talk about it with you.

Alyssa can also be reached by email.