Let's work on affordable housing here in the Salem area...

As we seek to respond to Bishop Bridgeforth’s invitation to ministries around housing and we continue discerning the best way to steward the properties in our care, all are invited to an affordable housing information session we held on Sunday, March 3 at 4:00 pm on Zoom. On the call, we shared next steps and held space for questions. We look forward to this new chapter in our work as the Open Door community!watch 

Presentation Recording & Slides

Affordable Housing Update

“We don’t lack the resources to end the housing crisis. All we need is a shared will to do it.”

This is the message from the presentation by Rev. Julia Nielson from Leaven Land and Housing Coalition  for the Educating Ourselves about Race & Racism class on March 4.  This is a coalition of 80 churches in the Portland area that are committed to being stewards of the land through developing church properties to help our homeless neighbors. They also challenge zoning laws and legislation that systemically limit opportunities for all of people of Portland.  

Rev. Nielson stated that the church is the second biggest landowner next to the state of Oregon. Their prediction is that country wide, 100,000 church properties will be available in 2030. Rev. Nielson was a pastor at Portsmouth Union Church in Portland which was closing in 2015; after 5 years of discussion, prayer and planning they (with the help of the Land Coalition) developed 20 affordable permanent homes on the church property for veteran citizens.  

An instructional guide and manual is a result of this thoughtful work. 

They believe communities of faith can end the affordable housing crisis.