The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence The following was originally shared by Pastor John Fleming as a post of Facebook. Solitude. Silence. I thought I knew what those words meant. Today I discovered I was wrong. Way wrong. In the past five weeks, I’ve driven through Moab, Utah, four times. It sorta killed my soul, though, because …

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Finding Ballast

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Sarah Katreen Hoggatt, the Communications Coordinator for Open Door Churches. In addition to designing many of the posters you see and creating the newsletters, I have also been producing all the worship videos since May 2020. As a writer, it a joy to step …

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I Promise: Gifts

If you’ve been reading the Pastors’ Blog, you know that I am using this forum to share some additional thoughts about the weekly themes that are guiding our worship throughout our Stewardship Campaign this year. And each week, I’m connecting the promise we make in the UM Membership Vows to a specific resource God has …

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The Rainbow

I love rainbows; I think they are beautiful, serene, and mysterious. I’m fascinated by their beauty. It is dangerous when I drive, and a rainbow sprayed across the sky ahead of me, for they distracted me. But when I don’t drive, I enjoyed the view, and the effect they give me is calming and peaceful. …

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Listen to the wind

Hiking With Jesus

Sermon Series:  Jan 7-Feb 11, 2018 We have filled our water bottles and hit the trail. We have remembered our baptisms and that Jesus ventured into the wilderness to the river to be baptized.  As God called Jesus beloved, so does God say to each one of us ~   you are my beloved child …

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