February 2021

Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday which marks the start of the Lenten Season on the Christian Calendar. Many people choose to engage in the spiritual discipline of giving something up during the season of lent in hopes of growing deeper in their connection with God. Some people give up television, social media, coffee or chocolate. Some […]

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The Purpose of Faith

“Basic religious faith is a vote for some coherence, purpose, benevolence, and direction in the universe. Unfortunately, the notion of faith that emerged in the West was much more a rational assent to the truth of certain mental beliefs rather than a calm and hopeful trust that God is inherent in all things, and that

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Nature’s Blessing

To care for the environment is an essential concept of life that I’ve always liked to learn, explore and support. My interest grew when I took my Senior Capstone project for my undergraduate degree in Environmental studies. Tryon Creek State Park offered this project. This state park is located within Portland metropolitan area close to

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