October 2020

I Promise: Gifts

If you’ve been reading the Pastors’ Blog, you know that I am using this forum to share some additional thoughts about the weekly themes that are guiding our worship throughout our Stewardship Campaign this year. And each week, I’m connecting the promise we make in the UM Membership Vows to a specific resource God has

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I Promise: Presence

This Sunday, October 11, was the second Sunday of our 2020 Stewardship Emphasis for the Open Door Churches. Our theme this year, I Promise, is a direct reference to the Vows of Membership in the United Methodist Church: “Do you promise to uphold the ministries of the church through your Prayers, your Presence, your Gifts,

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I Promise: Prayer

A couple of months ago, your Pastoral Team made a conscious decision to “interact” with the people of the Open Door Churches on a more consistent basis each week. Like you, we have been frustrated by what the pandemic has done to our ability to create and maintain relationships with you, especially as we have

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