My Sacred Habitat

My Sacred Habitat

Every morning I welcome the world,

With words of thanks to the Lord.

I close my eyes to open them again

To see! To hear! To live! And experience!

What is sacred in the world?

The sun, the wind, and the rain,

The grass, the trees, and gardens

My habitat, my environment;

My spirit soar with appreciation

To Mother Earth, the creation.

My treasure! My gold!

To behold!

One of the things I tried to do with my free time in this Covid-19 pandemic social distancing time is to explore doing something that I had not done before. Early this morning, while I sat outside at the back patio, I decided to write this poem, and I’m sharing this new endeavor with you above.

This appointment transitioning during this pandemic time has challenged me profoundly. It is necessary to have space, a sanctuary place for my soul to rest and rejuvenate. I rejoice when I found this place right here at home, our backyard.

Since I moved to Salem, I fell in love with the backyard of the Trinity Parsonage. It has become my sacred space. In this social distancing time, this is a place where I can’t ever be lonely. The maple trees are majestic and serene—the leaves hum and dance with the wind. There are squirrels, cats, chickens, and birds freely roaming unthreatened by my presence. The vast space is full of all kinds of noises, the leaves wooing with the wind, birds joyful chirping, and squirrel scuttering over twigs. I can hear peoples’ voices against the sound of moving vehicles, police sirens from the busy Lancaster Highway.

But amid in all this noise, I am in my backyard; it is a habitat for many of God’s living critters, I find tranquility. It reminds me of 1 King 19:11-13. Elija discovered that amid the wind, earthquake, and fire, he didn’t hear the Lord, but then, he heard a quiet small voice of the Lord, “why are you here, Elija?”

My sacred space is a place where amid human noises and nature’s critters, I can still feel God’s presence and hear God’s voice quietly reminding me. “why are you here, Kalina?”

Pastor Kalina Malua Katoa

4 thoughts on “ My Sacred Habitat”

  1. Jo Ann vonBorstel

    Thank you for sharing. I find similar comfort in just walking my around the “settlement” here at Capital Manor. Many trees, shrubs and flowers–with an
    occasional bench for sitting, resting, and meditating. Not much seclusion, but I can go inside to my apartment fro more… Cheers,
    Jo Ann vonBorstel

  2. Kalina, Thank you so much for your poem, your meditations, your blog and YOUR PRESENCE here in the Open Doors community. We welcome you to Salem! It’s lovely to imagine you in the Trinity parsonage — carrying on the lineage of all of the pastors who have gone before. We lift your husband in our prayers as well, holding you both in this time of separation, trusting God with his care and with your compassionate work. Being in God’s presence (the Great Out Doors), enveloped with both silence and the bustle of life, is good medicine. Blessings!

  3. Pastor Kalina,
    Thank you so much for your poem. The Beauty and Spirit found in your words connect with me. I am so glad you have found such joy in your backyard this summer.
    My garden and yard have also been a real joy to work in and experience this summer. I’m so grateful for the joyful growth and now the harvest of yes, the zucchini, and other veggies and fruit. Discovering the hummingbirds flitting from flower to flower and plant to plant has been a continuing wonder.
    Blessings and aloha,
    Kathleen Johnson

  4. Thank you… it is a blessing to read to pause during the week and read your beautiful poem. We cannot have enough reminders of the beauty of nature and the presence of God in our lives. We are not alone. And we have one another. Peace and blessings..Adele Koltun

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