The Rainbow

I love rainbows; I think they are beautiful, serene, and mysterious. I’m fascinated by their beauty. It is dangerous when I drive, and a rainbow sprayed across the sky ahead of me, for they distracted me. But when I don’t drive, I enjoyed the view, and the effect they give me is calming and peaceful. I had always wished to meet a rainbow and walk through its lovely multicolor arch. It is silly wishful thinking, and I must have prayed about it too. Those who are pessimistic like me believe that wishes can come true, know we each have our convincing reason. Mine is my age; I have lived long enough and witnessed many of my dreams coming true.

But two years ago, it was lovely Spring day, mid-afternoon, it had just stopped raining, I was walking home to the parsonage across the northwestern parking lot of the church in Woodburn, I saw right ahead of me was the loveliest little rainbow. It took my breath away, but I quickly recovered, for I remembered my dream. I am meeting my rainbow and is walking through it. I entered the rainbow, smiling and dancing. The colorful misty sparks landed softly on my face and all over my hands, my clothes, and my shoes. Great joy swept through me, stilling my heart and calming my mind leaving me with joyful peace. It was the longest one-minute walk in the rainbow.

Genesis 9:8-18 said the rainbow is a sign from God of his covenant and promise that it will never be destroyed by a great flood again. A rainbow is a divine sign of hope and blessing from God. There will be a storm and rain, but they will pass and hope in renewed life will go on.

Rain and clouds are frequent in our Oregon weather, and it can cause us to be depressed. But when a rainbow appears over the dark clouds, we know the clouds will eventually open up for the sun to shine again in our city.

Using this metaphor, the rainbow as blessing and hope, Jesus calls us to be a blessing to others. Maya Angelou stated it well “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” Like a rainbow, God uses us as the source to bless, extend hope and peace.

Pastor Kalina Malua Katoa

2 thoughts on “The Rainbow”

  1. Dear Pastor Kalina,
    We are happy to have you here. I am a member of Morningside Church. I started going to Morningside in 1978 when our Pastor was Bill Hoffhines. Many of the members at that time were parents of children that I had taught at Morningside School. I felt right at home! I hope to meet you in person some day.
    Eudora Zagyva and I meet in my apartment at Hidden Lakes Retirement on Sundays and listen and pray with you.

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