Take It One Step at a Time

Recently, I spent a couple of days at the beach with Wesley and my mom. Wesley had never been to the beach before so I was excited to see what he thought. But also a bit nervous because Wesley isn’t the biggest fan of the water.

As we walked down to the beach, Wesley’s excitement was evident. Or maybe he was just excited to be out of the car. His paws hit the sand and he took off running pulling on the leash to go faster. There were so many new things for him to explore and you could tell he was up for the adventure. Wesley kept up this attitude until we got to the sand that is harder and closer to the water. I tried walking him more towards the ocean and he was not having it. Wesley stopped and pulled in the other direction. So we spent our time on the beach roaming the sand.

Seeing Wesley’s reaction at the beach I was reminded how sometimes when we try something new it’s best to take it one step at a time. We do not have to jump all in at one time. Taking the first step should be celebrated. Wesley got out there and experienced the sandy beach for the first time. Next time we go to the beach maybe we will get closer to exploring the water. But we are taking it one step at a time.

Friends as we continue to encounter new paths may you take it one step at a time. As you do, be sure to celebrate each step along the path.

Pastor Alyssa Baker


2 thoughts on “Take It One Step at a Time”

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  2. Jo Ann vonBorstel

    Thank you for sharing. Lovely to have a friend like Lesley. It has been good to have our virtual Sunday service, and “visiting” with all our pastors. I so look forward to again being in our glorious FUMC sanctuary on Sunday mornings. Again, thank you for your ministry with us. Jo Ann vonBorstel

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