Open Hearted: A Lenten Journey

Wednesday we asked the question, “Where is Your Heart?” We all knew our hearts were breaking that day as we were hearing once again about another mass shooting at a school, this time in Parkland, Florida. We prayed, we confessed our sins and role in our violent society and we were reminded of the fragility of life as we received the ashes. I left the service knowing this was not enough.

The theme for the following Sunday, “Turning Our Hearts” helped me look at the call we receive to turn our hearts toward God and in so doing, the call to have our prayers lead to action. We are tempted to hide from the harsh realities of this world, to utter a prayer and move on with our lives. Turning towards God demands more from us for as we turn towards God, all of the injustice is in our path and all of the hurt and pain that others are experiencing is before us. If I am turning wholeheartedly before God, I need to hear God’s call of how I am to reach out and bring forth healing, change and peace.

This Sunday we will consider “A Willing Heart.” Already, I can hear the questions, “How much am I willing to change my life to order to bring forth healing, change and peace? Am I willing to dedicate myself wholeheartedly rather than half-heartedly?”

Wholehearted: Our Lenten Journey will bring challenges each week as we explore these upcoming themes:

  • A Broke Heart God’s Heartbeat
  • A Courageous Heart
  • Heartfelt Hosannas

Pastor Wendy