kula and sandy

Advent in July and December

working at the lake

It is sunny and warm … my pop up tent trailer is all set up … my dogs are begging to go swimming … my kayak is calling to me. I have in front of me a pile of books and resources. I have in front of me a spectacular view of Timothy Lake and Mount Hood. It is July and I have in front of me the task of creating the themes for worship during Advent.

kula and sandyI confess to feeling a bit of a disconnect between the scripture readings before me and all the lure of summer fun on the lake. I read all the Advent scripture readings but felt uninspired. I looked up various Advent devotional and books and nothing spoke to me. I gave in to the dogs desire to go for a swim, “Yes, Kula and Sandy, it is time for a break, let’s go swim.” I read, reflected and prayed some more. Then I gave in to my own desire to kayak, “Yes, Wendy, it is time for a break, let’s go for a paddle.

When I returned from my time on the lake, I read the gospel reading for Christmas Eve, Luke 2:1-20 and was struck by a few words spoken by the shepherds after receiving the tidings of good news from the angels, “Let us go now to Bethlehem and see this thing that has taken place ….” There was no longer a disconnect.

Let's go to the MangerI realized that what I was hoping and praying for our season of Advent was that by the time we get to Christmas Eve, rather that being exhausted, we are ready to respond to the invitation of the angels with the same words as the shepherds, “Let us go.” That we are ready to exclaim, “Yes, let’s go the manger.”

Each week feel into place:
“Let’s Go, Awake and Ready!”
“Let’s Go into the Wilderness”
“Let’s Go Jubilantly!”
“Let’s Go, Trusting the Promise!”

It is the prayer of your Open Door Clergy, Alyssa, Dan, Sandy and Wendy, that you find nurturance for your spirit this Advent season through the various worship services and inspiration for your Advent journey through the concerts, festivals and other activities. It is our prayer that come Christmas Eve, you are ready to journey with the shepherds and proclaim, “Yes, let’s go to the manger!”

Blessings upon your Advent Season,

Wendy Woodworth